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FIRST RF Corporation


FRF-107 Series Omni Multi-Band Antenna for Commercial and Tactical Manportable and Mast Applications


The FIRST RF Corporation FRF-107 series of antenna systems is an omni-directional, high power, multi-band, omni antenna system suitable for installation on people, portable mast or structures.

The antenna eliminates the need for separate single band antennas on an individuals backpack or portable quick reaction setup. The multi-band antenna also and improves cosite and RF system performance over multiple colocated single band antenna systems.

The antenna is available in a variety of lengths and mounting options.

The product line of 107 series antennas is similiar in design to FIRST RF's vehicle and fixed site antenna systems that have been manufactured in high quantities with over 165,000 delivered since 2005.

The antenna has been designed to meet MIL-STD 810 environments.


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High Gain Omni dismounted and portable multi-band Communications and EW Antenna System.

RF Performance Overview:

Please contact FIRST RF for RF Performance Specifications


Designed to exceed MIL-STD-810F
Temperature: -40-+71°C Operational

Mechanical Overview:

Physical Dimensions: Height various with model and functions.

Outside Diameter: 1.4”

Antenna Weight: <2.5lbs.

Radome: Electrically Insulated to 10kV rms

FRF-107 Series

Antenna Products


PDFLOGOFRF-107 Series Data Sheet (Public)

The FIRST RF FRF-107 Series of multi-band Omni Antenna System for Improved Performance Broadband Communications and EW Systems