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First RF Customized Solutions

FIRST RF has developed and fielded customized antenna and RF systems technologies that span a variety of platforms and applications. Our span of expertise covers complex phased array systems to affordable antennas for inexpensive munitions. Small quantity or large we can manufacture antenna products at an affordable price for your needs. Product areas include:

Phased Array Systems: Including large and small, for missile defense, SATCOM, ground communications and airborne relays covering from UHF through Ka-Band. Platforms include airborne (manned and unmanned), ground vehicles, amphibious, maritime, and space applications.

Munitions Antennas: GPS, Low Observable, end-fire/wrap-around antennas, all built at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Ultra-Wideband Antennas: Multifunction and Multiband Antennas: 300:1 bandwidth from a single aperture, high-power handling, both mobile and fixed site applications

Airborne Communications Antennas for JTRS-AMF, TCDL ISR Data Links from S through Ku-Band

Conformal and Low Profile Broadband Antenna Systems: Single apertures covering 300:1 bandwidths and phased arrays covering 10:1 bandwidths.

Low-cost Attitude and Heading Reference (AHRS) System

Body-Wearable and Dismounted Antennas

Space Reflectors



Company Brochure:

FIRST RF Brochure

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Awarded Army Top 10 Invention of the year in 2005 for Ultra-Wideband Antenna Technology

Army Invention 2005

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FIRST RF has produced over 165,000 Antennas since 2005 with 100% On time delivery and no field returns